How do I pay with Credit Card?

To pay with Credit Card follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Credit Card at checkout.It will only show up if your order is below $20,000 CAD.
  2. Click “Add Card”.
  3. This will bring you to a pop-up where you will fill out the required fields then click “Submit”.
  4. Your card will now be saved on your profile, and you can select it at checkout.
  5. Select the card and click “Place Order.”
  6. The card will then go through a verification process. It can happen in two ways.
    1. Pass code – A window will pop up, saying, “A one-time pass code will be sent to you to verify that you are the primary cardmember.”
    2. Auto Verification – A window will pop up that is processing your transaction. Please remain on the screen.
  7. Once you have done the verification process, your order will be fully placed. It will take you to a final screen saying, “Thank you for your order”.

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Why won’t you accept my credit card?

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