Why won't you accept my credit card?

Your order was likely canceled as you are not set up with MasterCard SecureCode or Verified By Visa on your card.  

This is a security step that we require to place orders through our company. To place an order through our website you will need to contact your credit card company by calling the number on the back of the card and ask to activate that feature. You will then have to replace the order.

Your credit card may have also been declined by your bank if they suspect the purchase was not authorized by you. If this is the case, please call your bank to authorize the payment.

Want to save 4% on this order? These payment methods are just as easy to use and will save you money!

Pay with Wire.

Pay with Bill Payment.

Pay with Physical Check.

Alternatively, you may use PayPal on this order and you don’t need an account with PayPal. For instructions, see below

Pay with PayPal.

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